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Mountain Candy IPA

From Sycamore Brewing


The Sycamore Mountain Candy is a hoppy India Pale Ale with an array of fruity flavors. Its color is a bright orange and it has a foamy head that leaves some decent lacing. Despite the name, the beer is actually not very sweet, but it is definitely refreshing. Having one of these is a great way to get your day off to a good start.

The Sycamore brand is also known for their Southern Girl and Double Candy, two of their signature craft beers. You can find these beers in stores across the Southeast. This year, the company will be expanding into new states, and they're already a couple. In the meantime, you can always try to find them at your local brewery. They're available on tap, or in a can. So, you can enjoy them all year round at Bulldog Southend in Charlotte, NC.

While there are plenty of other beers in the Sycamore stable, the mountain candy is the beer of choice for hoppy beer lovers. The fruity, juicy flavors are definitely a winner. Aside from the fruity flavor, the brewery also uses double dry hopping to boost the flavor and add to the overall experience. There's a lot to love about this beer, from its color to its aroma.


The oh-so-smart hop-burst flavor is also a nice touch. These hops have been specially selected to let the candy-like flavor of fruit shine through. This is a particularly smart move considering the fact that the brewery uses the word "candy" a lot.


If you're looking for an IPA that's big on flavor, the Sycamore Stone Fruit Ale is a good option. The brewery has been in business since 2013, and it is brewed in Charlotte, NC. Unlike its brethren, the brewery does not make an exact clone, but the beer is still a winner. The beer's main difference is that it is more citrusy than a typical west coast IPA. And while it isn't a medal winner, the flavor is not bad at all.

In addition to the stone fruit, the brewery also brewed a double dry-hopped version called the Double Dry-Hopped. It features a nice citrusy dankness and a tasty touch of rainbow candy. However, it's not as bold or as interesting as the hop-burst version. But that's not to say that the Lifesavers IPA isn't a fine beer. Even though it doesn't have the same aforementioned stone fruit taste, it is still a solid, well-made IPA.

The best part about the Mountain Candy is the fact that it's very easy to drink. With a 7.5 percent alcohol by volume and 3 grams of protein, you're not going to feel guilty about putting this IPA down.

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